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    American Ninja Warrior

    Premieres 7th Dec, Mon - Fri at 9 PM

    Watch participants fight all odds to emerge as the Warrior in the World’s Most Difficult Obstacle Course American Ninja Warrior.

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    Ray Donovan

    Premieres 7th December, Mon-Fri 11 PM

    IX your weeknights with the FIXER Ray Donovan who solves problems of the rich and famous! Watch him exclusively on AXN India.

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    Beauty and the Beast

    Mon-Fri, 10 pm

    Watch the Classic Fairytale with a modern day twist exclusively on AXN. Premieres 2nd Nov, Mon-Fri, 10 PM

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    Premieres 21st November, Every Sat 11 pm

    Get high on the limitless abilities of Brian Finch. Premieres 21st November, every Saturday at 11 pm

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    Elementary : S4

    Starts, 22nd Nov, Every Sun 10 pm

    The Most Popular detective Sherlock Holmes and his partner Joan Watson are back in the latest Season of Elementary, Fresh From the U.S. Starts, 22nd Nov Every Sun 10 pm

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    Fear Factor : S4

    Mon-Fri, 9 PM

    The most popular and deadliest adventure reality show is back on AXN.

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    Supernatural : S11

    Sat @ 10 PM

    Sam & Dean Winchester are back to end the darkness in the latest season of Supernatural.

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    Premieres 13th September, Every Sunday 11 pm

    THE ANIMAL UPRISING BEGINS… Watch Nature’s Deadliest WAR exclusively on AXN – Fresh From the US. 

  • the-voice-s9

    The Voice : Season 9

    Premieres 26th September, Every Saturday and Sunday 8 pm

    It’s going to be GWENTASTIC on this latest season of Voice! GWEN STEFANI is back on the RED SEAT! Voice Season 9 Premieres 26th September, Every Saturday and Sunday 8 pm

  • extantbanner

    Extant: Season 2

    Premieres Saturday 22nd August Every Sat 11 pm

    Watch Academy Award® Winner Halle Berry on the latest season of Extant 2 – Fresh From The US only on AXN. Season 2, Every Sat 11 pm.

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    Californication: Season 1 onwards

    Premieres Monday 24th August, Mon - Fri 11pm

    EXPERIENCE THE MANY MOODS OF MOODY. HANK MOODY! Exclusively on AXN. Season 1 onwards Starts 24th Aug onwards – Mon to Fri @ 11 PM.

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