• Top Gear Season 22

    Top Gear Season 22

    Starts Saturday 30th May Sat and Sun 8:30 pm

    The most viewed and the most credible auto show is back and this time it’s Jeremy Clarkson’s last season. Watch Top Gear Season 22, starting SAT 30th MAY, 8:30 PM.

  • Survivor Season 27

    Survivor Season 27

    Premieres on Monday 27th April Mon-Fri 9 pm

    Welcome to one hell of a paradise! Watch the adventurous journey of 20 contestants where only 1 will survive. Survivor Season 27, premieres MON 27th APRIL, 9 PM.

  • 24 Season 1 onwards

    24 Season 1 onwards

    Starts Monday 6th April Mon-Fri 10pm

    The most iconic agent Jack Bauer is back! Watch 24 Season 1 onwards, starting MON 6th APRIL, 10 PM.

  • Dexter Season 1 onwards

    Dexter Season 1 onwards

    Starts Monday 6th April Mon-Fri 11pm

    Watch the Bloody Good Dexter right from the beginning! Season 1 starts MON 6th APRIL, 11 PM.

  • The Voice: Season 8

    The Voice: Season 8

    Sat - Sun @ 8 PM

    Christina Aguilera is back on the biggest singing competition – The Voice – Season 8 premieres 28TH FEB at 8 PM.

  • Transporter : Season 2

    Transporter : Season 2

    Sun @ 10 PM

    Frank Martin is set to drive through your TV screens with Transporter Season 2 premiering SUN 22ND FEB AT 10 PM.

  • Top Chef : Season 10

    Top Chef : Season 10

    Mon-Thurs @ 8 PM

    The master of all cooking reality show is back! Join ravishing hostess Padma Lakshmi and Lead Judge Tom Colicchio in this epic culinary show, Top Chef Season 10, Mon-Thurs @ 8 PM.

  • Madam Secretary

    Madam Secretary

    Every Sat @ 11 PM

    Introducing the ‘unusual politician’ Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst and the newly appointed Secretary of State. Catch her every Saturday at 11 PM.

  • bb-marquee-002

    Blue Bloods

    Mon - Thu @ 9 PM

    From the makers of Sopranos, Blue Bloods is a Crime Drama series about the Regan Family – A family bound by justice.  Watch Frank Reagan and his family across police ranks take over NYPD to fight crime in the city. 

  • e3-marquee-new

    Elementary : S3

    Every Fri @ 10 PM

    Holmes and Watson of New York are back with new mysteries, new rivalries and new enemies.

  • NCIS


    Mon- Thurs @ 10 pm

    The winner of the 2014 International TV Audience Award (Drama TV series) NCIS is the most watched drama series in the world. 

  • Supernatural : S10

    Supernatural : S10

    Every Fri @ 10 PM

    9 successful seasons and three Emmy Nominees later, Supernatural is one of the most powerful fan-driven shows on air. Season 10 premiering close to US in India has Dean dealing with his demonic state.

  • scorpion-marquee-002


    Every Fri @ 11 PM

    Based on the TRUE STORY of a genius Walter O’Brien with an IQ of 197, higher than Einstein. He and his team of other geniuses help the US govt to solve Complex WORLD threats and crisis.

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